Michael Jones

Current Status

Pursuing projects in Wellington, New Zealand.

For further information you can check my profiles on Github and Linked-in.

Open Source

Computer Graphics

Alembic FS

A FUSE filesystem for Alembic files.

It allow you to mount an Alembic file as a directory and explore the contents as a hierarchy of subdirectories and files.

Language: C++


A basic implementation of a Kd-tree.

Templated on the data type and number of dimensions.

Language: C++



A Doxygen-Sphinx bridge.

An extension to reStructuredText and Sphinx which is able to read and format the contents of Doxygen XML files. It extends Sphinx's support for displaying language & API documentation to all the languages support by Doxygen. Development has a strong emphasis on supporting C++.

Language: Python

Sphinx to Github

Convert Sphinx output for use with Github pages

A Sphinx extension and command line tool that prepares the output of Sphinx to be suitable for use with Github pages.

Language: Python



A map-based import hook for Python.

Supports encoding the module name and its location into a PYTHONPATH-like environment variable which is parsed at runtime and used for faster imports. Aimed at avoiding the standard Python linear search through the PYTHONPATH to find a module which can be slow for large numbers of entries over a network.

Language: Python


Restructured text role for keyword based external links.

Enables a documentation strategy in which the maintainers of a project can publish a Python module with up to date links for documentation based on keywords. Other projects wanting to link to the appropriate documentation only need to use the keywords and latest published module to stay up to date.

Language: Python

Maya Plugin Handler

Helper classes for initializePlugin & unintializePlugin.

Aims to reduce code duplication between the two associated functions by abstracting down to a single set of calls.

Provides inheritance based approach as well as experimental basic template meta-programming approach.

Language: C++


I have also made minor contributions to the following projects:

github/markup and AdamN/python-webkit2png